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We want to boost ISP webcache efficiency by caching eMule data.

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webcache eMule

Please note that these files are provided as-is and therefore we do not guarantee anything (just that there are no features which intention is to harm anybody or anything).

the latest version of the webcache mod is 1.2f, which is based on the official eMule version 0.44b

version 1.2f binaries (that's what you probably want)

actual proxy database
right mouse click the link, save as webcaches.csv
(missing some entries that are not compatible with the 1.2 detector)

version 1.2f sources (only of interest for developers)

There are other eMule modifications that implement the webcache feature, they are all compatible with the above version, so you might want to use them if you are missing mod-features in our version. Those mods are: